At GlobalTech, you only work 5 days/week and are equipped with modern equipment to bring you the most comfortable workplace.


GlobalTech always improves employee welfare policies and focuses on organizing collective activities and events to improve spiritual life and strengthen solidarity between individuals and between individuals and companies.



GlobalTech recognizes and values ​​every effort and contribution of its employees by ensuring that each individual receives remuneration commensurate with their abilities.

Join Us at GlobalTech

Come join us at GlobalTech to experience an environment with a team of passionate and talented IT experts, always generating innovative solutions for our clients. We welcome individuals who are enthusiastic, creative, and eager to contribute to our mission of creating meaningful, cutting-edge technology solutions. Explore the current job openings on our website and submit your resume today to embark on a new and exciting journey with GlobalTech!

How to Become an Employee of GlobalTech?

At GlobalTech, we are not just a technology company; we are also a passionate and creative community. We foster a positive and diverse working environment where each employee is encouraged to develop and advance with the support of colleagues. After submitting your application, all it takes is a few more steps to sign the contract and start your dream job. This process is straightforward and also very fast. The best way to get started is by using the GlobalTech form. You’ll fill in your information on the form, upload your documents, and hit ‘submit’. As an employee of GlobalTech, you’ll begin to see our commitment to creating an inspiring environment for your personal and professional development.