Electric Distribution Network Management


The electricity grid system comprises significant assets closely tied to the production and operations of power companies. The process of electricity generation is a continuous operation aimed at meeting the needs of both domestic and industrial consumers.

Electricity is a crucial and pivotal industry in national development. Enhancing the management and operation capabilities of the electricity grid is currently a key requirement. The EMS-GIS software is developed to assist grid managers in operating the system simply, accurately, and visually, utilizing predictive models and safety alerts for the power grid.

The Main Components


  • Support data conversion to the centralized database (Data Center).
  • User permission management.
  • Integration of equipment profile database.
  • Integration of SCADA system, CMIS, FMIS systems.

Grid layout

  • Grid network layering.
  • Asset management on the grid network.
  • Editing grid layout diagrams.
  • Querying grid layout.

Principle diagram

  • Constructing principle diagrams.
  • Equipment profile management.
  • Equipment status management.
  • Operation monitoring.

Power outage

  • Circuit switching management.
  • SAIDI, SAIFI, MAIFI plan management.
  • Outage statistics.
  • Calculation of electricity supply reliability indices.

Reporting analysis

  • Equipment statistics: substations, circuit breakers, etc.
  • Statistics by high voltage, medium voltage, low voltage lines.
  • Customer outage statistics.
  • Incident statistics.

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