Environmental Data Management Systems


Managing, utilizing, exploiting, and assessing the impact of resource exploitation and the environment on human life is one of the urgent and essential requirements for state management agencies and enterprises today.

In reality, state management agencies and enterprises in the field of natural resources and environment in Vietnam are currently managing data in a fragmented and manual manner. Modernizing and enhancing management capabilities with the EDMS-GIS system helps these agencies and enterprises to have a comprehensive and multidimensional view of resource data models on digital maps (GIS).

The main components


  • Support data conversion into the centralized database (Data Center).
  • User permission management.
  • Integration with environmental monitoring devices.
  • Integration with the single-window profile reception system, the cadastral database

Land and map survey resource

  • Management of land use planning data.
  • Management of surveying and land information.

water resource

  • Management of surface water, groundwater exploitation, and discharge into water sources.

Mineral resource

  • Management of exploration, mining of mineral resources.
  • Management of mineral exploitation milestones, mining area fluctuations.

Environmental monitoring

  • Management and analysis of environmental monitoring information.

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