Epidemic Management System


Currently, there are many types of diseases with the potential for rapid spread such as H1N1, H5N1, Ebola, etc., which directly affect the health and lives of people worldwide. Managing the impact and scope of disease outbreaks is always one of the top and urgent requirements for the healthcare sector globally and specifically in Vietnam.

The EPMS-GIS system helps epidemiological managers to manage the scope of disease outbreaks on digital maps. The system supports decision-making in delineating disease-affected areas, disease hotspots, disease density, quarantine mechanisms, and disease mitigation measures. The system provides a data collection subsystem for disease data from mobile devices for all levels of management.

The main components


  • Support data collection into the centralized database (Data Center).
  • User permission management.
  • Integration of medical supplies database.
  • Integration of financial and accounting database.

management and collection

  • Disease classification.
  • Definition of disease survey forms.
  • Data collection through mobile devices.
  • Support for two-way online/offline data collection.

Disease scope analysis

  • Analysis of disease scope.
  • Analysis of disease density.
  • Temporal interpolation of disease impact.
  • Specialized maps for disease types.

Pharmaceutical agent

  • Management of professional licenses.
  • Management of business points on the map.
  • Map of special drug distribution density for specific diseases.

Reporting and statistical

  • Disease statistics by season.
  • Statistics of disease outbreaks, recurrences, and particularly dangerous diseases.
  • Disease statistics by Province, District, Commune.

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