Green System Management


In the environmental and urban ecosystem, greenery plays a crucial role in air regulation and urban architecture. Managing the care of green nursery gardens to enhance the lifecycle and disease prevention for plants is one of the urgent requirements for urban environmental companies today.

With the explosion of information technology in general and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology in particular, applying the NTMS-GIS system in the management, care, cutting, relocation, and disease prevention for greenery has become simple and easy. The system helps managers track tree profiles, care history, seasonal disease management, and supports decision-making to minimize risks in greenery investments.

The Main Components


  • Support data conversion into the centralized database (Data Center).
  • User permission management.
  • Integration with enterprise accounting systems.
  • Integration with land use planning maps, construction planning maps.

Green nursery

  • Update nursery and greenery information using various methods: direct updates in software, on-site measurements, Excel, XML imports,…
  • Query attribute and spatial information of greenery.
  • Analyze lifespan, species, and cost of greenery.

thông tin vận hành cây xanh 

  • Manage tree care information: watering, fertilizing, labor, materials.
  • Manage tree history information.
  • Manage meteorological and hydrological information, soil information.
  • Manage tree felling, diseases.
  • Manage tree relocation.

Reporting statistical analysis

  • Statistics on tree species, tree age, tree diameter.
  • Statistics on tree operation, diseases, and mortality.
  • Statistics on care costs, tree purchases, and sales.

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