License Use Water Supply System


Clean water is an extremely vital resource for human life worldwide. Protecting, improving the quality, and preventing loss of clean water is one of the urgent requirements for water supply companies today.

In reality, water supply companies in Vietnam manage their water supply networks using completion drawings on paper, Word, Excel, AutoCAD, etc., which leads to fragmented and inconsistent management practices. Implementing the WSMS-GIS system helps companies consolidate data for analysis, operation, enhance management capabilities, and support decision-making in managing clean water loss prevention for today’s enterprises.

The Main Components


  • Support data conversion into the centralized database (Data Center).
  • User permission management.
  • Definition of coordinate systems, longitude, latitude axis, VN2000 National Coordinate System.
  • Integration with SCADA systems, Billing, CMS systems.

Asset network

  • Manage attribute and spatial information of water supply assets on maps.
  • Update asset information: directly on maps, GPS, mobile, import Excel, XML,…
  • Analyze asset lifespan, density, material, diameter.
  • Query asset attributes and spatial information.

Network operation

  • Manage asset replacement, repair, and upgrade information.
  • Operate valve opening/closing on the system.
  • Risk management across the entire network.

Hydraulic model

  • Calculate water pressure pumped throughout the network.
  • Analyze water quality.
  • Design network model.

Customer information

  • Manage customer locations on maps.
  • Manage customer billing information.

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