Lingting Information System


The urban lighting system is a collection of assets closely linked to the production and business processes of urban environmental companies today. Enhancing the management and operation of the lighting system to increase the lifespan of assets and save energy consumption of lighting devices is one of the urgent and essential requirements nowadays.

The Public Lighting Management System – PLMS-GIS helps urban environmental companies in Vietnam digitize and centrally manage data on a digital map platform, supporting data aggregation for analysis, operation, enhancing management capabilities, and decision support in lighting management.

The Main Components


  • Supports data conversion into a centralized database (Data Center).
  • User permission management.
  • Defines coordinate systems, longitudinal axis, VN2000 national projection.
  • Integrates with urban greenery systems, urban drainage systems.
  • Integrates with water supply systems, Environment & Natural Resources Management.

Asset Network

  • Manages attribute and spatial information of lighting assets on maps.
  • Updates asset information: directly on maps, GPS, mobile, imports from Excel, XML, etc.
  • Analyzes lifespan, density, material, type of assets.
  • Queries attributes and spatial data of assets.

Network Operation

  • Manages replacement, repair, and upgrade information of assets.
  • Manages seasonal lighting plans.
  • Manages network operation incidents.
  • Manages safe corridor areas of the power grid.
  • Manages electricity consumption.

Reporting and Statistical

  • Statistics of newly installed network assets by year.
  • Statistics of lighting network operation.

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